Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

3 Weekends

Let's see. Yesterday we were going to go rafting, but Greg had to be on call for work, and I had a meeting in the afternoon to discuss hurricane evacuation modeling with a guy who was in town for only a day for a conference, and Jerry was feeling the need to do a bit more studying because he's GOING TO JAPAN IN SIX WEEKS, OH EM GEE. So we concluded that it would be best if we stayed home instead.

I did go to Davey's first birthday party in the morning, and on the drive home got a call saying "hey, turn around and come to the Indian restaurant, because we're meeting Thomas & Karen and Jeff & Alice." (Noted for future reference: the lunch buffet is both heap & tasty!)

And then the weekend before that -- well, Friday, really -- Randy lostncove was in town. I left work early (straight from a lunch meeting) and drove up to Idaho Springs to meet Randy at Beau-Jo's. We chatted while wandering around the town for a bit, and then, having exhausted the delights the town has to offer, we chatted in the car on the way to Boulder, then while moseying around the CU campus and sneaking in to peek at the various CSF stages, then while grabbing some dinner on the Hill, and then in the car back over to Golden to the Jeffco fairgrounds, where I dropped him off at the Colorado Gay Rodeo. There was a lot of talking, and it was delightful. I can't really tell you what we talked so much about, other than that a lot of it boiled down to "So this is me and who I am, and that's you and who you are... hey nifty!"

And the weekend before that was 4th of July. We did the usual afternoon barbecue gathering at the Floyds', but instead of sitting on the grass to watch fireworks afterwards, Jerry & I (Greg went home v. tired) took Van & Ron up on their invitation to watch fireworks from the balcony of their 17th-floor apartment downtown. Because how can you pass that up?

And the day before that, Jerry & I went to First Friday to see mark_monroe's art show. Plus his hubby Gene's exhibition, and the Net.Works 2 show. And the rest of the shows in the building.

What I thought was really cool about Mark's paintings is that they vary a lot depending on how close you are to them. If they're filling up your field of vision, the effect is totally different than looking at them from across the room. We often think (or at least I do) that an image is an image is an image, so it's good to have reminders that medium and format does matter.

Bruce thetarnishedowl has been doing these amazing quilts, and I thought his solution to not being able to send one as his contribution to the Net.Works show due to size limitations was just brilliant: he sent nine small photos of quilt sections, arranged in a 3x3 grid, with the letters W A Y T O O B I G on them. And I really liked this one painting that was a red background with black tentacles grasping at a yellow pill, titled "Escape", because there's a lot of cultural messaging about pharmaceuticals being bad that overlooks the fact that when the brain pills do work? It's a really good thing!

As I said, we wandered around and looked at all the other stuff, too, and there were some things I liked and quite a few that I said "meh, not my thing", but the thing that I found really interesting was that there were some pieces that I liked, but had a strong feeling about ways in which they could have been improved. Which I thought at first was a little, I dunno, out of place? Because I'm not a visual artist. But I guess it's more just a sign of awareness of my own reaction -- I had an aesthetic response to those pieces, and it could have been heightened by doing X, Y, and Z. And I fully respect that what kind of response to aim for is the artist's choice, I just have thoughts about how to enhance it in these ways for the segment of the audience that's like me -- if that's what you wanted to do.

So I had Thoughts About Art that were something more than just 'ooo, pretty', and that was kinda neat.

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