Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Hally Pottle 6

I saw Harry Potter I'm Too Lazy To Type Out The Whole Name last night with Sarah & the eclectic crew she conjured up to join her last night. I quite liked it! One of the interesting things about not being able to fit everything in the book into a reasonable-length film is that a lot of things go unsaid and unexplained, which I like. I like being given credit as an audience member for being able to figure out what's going on without having it spoon-fed to me. (This does make me something of a sucker for anime series that just jump right in an promise to tie everything together somewhere near the end, because a lot of them don't follow through.)

This was the book that I stalled out on in the series, because I just didn't want to read the "Woe is me, the world is arrayed against me and nobody could possibly understand my problems so I won't talk to anybody about anything and will have all sorts of problems as a result" that was going on about five chapters in. But having seen the movie, I'm giving it another shot, because I can just skip the tiresome bits without fear I'll be missing out on Important Plot Points.
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