Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Four-Day Weekend Highlights

So along with the crisis-that-turned-out-not-to-be (thank god) with kung_fu_monkey's mom's health this weekend, I got to do a few other things. Watched Hellboy with the Floyds Thursday night. Friday night, visited Joneses for DDR and Mythbusters. Saturday Tom O. had people over for a games afternoon; I won at Puerto Rico, woo! (Though I lost at BANG!)

Saturday I also determined that my father is a gigantic dork, and for religious reasons is never going to accept my sexuality. Annoying and disappointing, but probably predictable, honestly. I will likely make some overly-abstract analysis of this, since that's how my mind works, but my overwhelming emotional response is bascially, "Man, that's just LAME." *roll of eyes*

(Okay, that's not so much a highlight, but it was noteworthy.)

Best of all, though, is that in addition to a normal weekend of doing not-work stuff, I also got about two days' worth of doing basically NOTHING, which is really nice. I read a book and I played some Front Mission 4 (thanks, monkey! love you!) and sat around and accomplished diddly-squat.

And it was good.

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