Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Three from the weekend

Friday we went over to Van & Ron's & watched Tampopo, which we enjoyed. I'm not sure what to say other than that it's described as a "Noodle Western" by the Japanese Woody Allen, and that's pretty accurate.

Saturday was second run of my one-shot 4e game at Neal's. I think I was able to streamline things pretty well. Dinner was salad with guest contributions and grilled pork chops, and it made my mouth happy. Bryree's friend Dave fit in well with the group, and I gather everyone was entertained, so the rest of me was happy, too.

Sunday we had a TV party, and had Rose & Karen & Sarah & Mel over to watch a couple episodes of Green Wing, Phill Jupitus' Quadrophobia, and S1 of The IT Crowd. All were much appreciated, so hooray!

At the time, I was too busy doing it, and this week I've been too busy working, to say much about it. Luckily this evening I'm able to take some time out from my busy schedule of getting sick (bluh) and lying immobile on the couch to update you...

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