Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

And He's Off

We got up at Stupid Early O'Clock this morning to take Jerry off to the airport because he is ZOMG GOING TO JAPAN! (I was going to say in Japan, but he's actually still on the plane, and won't be in Osaka until sometime early tomorrow morning -- and that's assuming he gets through customs and from Narita to Haneda in time to catch his connecting flight with no delays. Japan? Is far away!)

I had a moment on the way back where I said "Oh!" and everything kind of tightened up inside, but otherwise I seem to have mostly gotten my distress at his going out of the way ahead of time. Greg had some blues this morning, but is doing a lot better now.

Monkey bought me a Green Lantern shirt while he was in Oregon, and I wore it today. So here are a couple of Green Shirt Thursday pictures of me. Not that you'd think it was very green from the lighting in the pictures. (Click through for large and out-of-focus originals.)

You might think that's my 'pensive' look, but actually it's 'sucking in the gut'.
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