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Okay, only a little catch-up, because I have a nasty headache.

This was the last weekend for visiting with my mom. They've been here for more than a month, but it seems like they only got here last week. They headed out this morning, back to Alaska. (I had a bit of a cry last night -- about many things, including missing Jerry and just some general stress relief, but Mom leaving was one of them.)

We went out to dinner on... Friday? Yeah, Friday, because it was before D&D. Got pho at one of the local places. Talked about plans and collected some useful maternal advice.

And then Saturday morning I picked up her & my step-dad & my step-sister's son (whom they were watching while Leslie was working) and we went over to a restaurant in Arvada for a birthday luncheon for my grandmother. My parents got divorced when I was 5, but Grandma (she's my paternal grandmother) has always retained a special fondness of Mom. Everyone had nametags that listed their relationship to Grandma, and Mom wrote "daughter-ish" on hers. (My nephew Layne got "great-grandson - sorta", which frankly is a lot easier than "ex-daughter-in-law's step-daughter's son". Larry just got "best man".)

Anyway, it was a very nice lunch. Almost entirely elderly women. One of the women, Barbara, plays the accordion, and after Happy Birthday, she played a bunch of sing-along songs. I thought it was interesting that I knew all of them, even though none of them have been on the radio since long before I was born. It's funny to think that at one time those songs were popular hits. In 50 years, will we be having sing-alongs to Britney Spears' "Toxic"?

And then Sunday was some more (unrelated) D&D stuff (because my calendar is clearly not overloaded enough yet), and in the evening, I went down to my cousin's place in Stapleton for some family birthday stuff. Got to see the aunt & uncle who couldn't make it Saturday, plus their children. Brought home Olive Garden leftovers.

And then last night just as I was heading home, I got a call from an entirely different cousin (on the totally other side of the family) so I went and picked him up -- and let me just say, Louisville, y'all need to spend some municipal funds on decent street signage, because what you have right now TEH SUCK -- and we had elk burgers over at my brother's. Helped my niece with her chemistry homework. Watched a little bit of the football game. And then it was time to say bye to parents and dogs, and this morning they're headed north again...

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