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So, back when Greg & Jerry & I formed a triad, Alice asked me if we would ever consider adding a fourth.

I remember saying that I didn't think it was completely out of the question, if we ever met the right person and all that, but we certainly weren't planning on it. I mean, three is plenty!

Of course, Jerry & I didn't plan on adding Greg, either; as with all the long-term poly relationships I know of, it just kinda... happened.


It, ah, kinda just happened... again.

I blame Simon Pegg.

See, when I became a fan Mr. Pegg & his works, I started frequenting the forums at And Robb was one of the lovely people I got to know from that crowd.

Then, July of last year, I went to Comic-Con. And among the many on-line friends I got to hang out with in person was Robb, and I discovered that not only is he quite handsome, he's also a real sweetheart, and charming, and so on, and truth be told, I fell in love with him a little bit.

Fast-forward to a couple months ago. I've made plans to take some vacation and go visit people in L.A., one of whom is Robb. Greg starts chatting with Robb online, and falls for him. Hard.

And it turns out that when I met him at Comic-Con? Robb also fell in love with me a little bit. And with Greg. And with Jerry.

So that's interesting.

This is all complicated, of course, by the fact that right now Jerry's in Japan. Greg and I promised him before he left that we wouldn't replace him with a goldfish, and while Robb's no goldfish, we don't want to replace him with a Robb, either, for a multitude of reasons not least of which is that Robb wouldn't stand for it because he likes Jerry, too. We need our Monkey!

Thus, the plan was for us to go visit Robb in L.A. (because by now Greg was going along with me) and evaluate things, but to take everything very slowly and cautiously while we figured out whether and how things might work.

And of course the universe completely failed to cooperate with that plan, and demanded that we choose, right now, go or no-go.

At this point it gets all complicated and messy and difficult, and there was a lot of stress and uncertainty and not a few tears over the last few weeks, and I won't go into the details now. But we worked through it, and the upshot is that we've decided to see if we can make it go.

And, yeah, it could still all end in heartbreak and tears. There are no guarantees. But NOT trying was definitely going to end up there. So we're going to give it a shot, because love is worth taking chances on.

So long story short, there's this guy, his name is Robb, we think he's pretty awesome, and last night he got on a bus and now he's on his way here to join us.

And we're looking for a house.

...and how was your weekend?

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