Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Ghostwalk fun

Yesterday was Ghostwalk. Monkey made very yummy dinner -- sri lankan chicken omelette and veggie korma, and Karen made really tasty cake for Kate's birthday, and there were asian-supermarket munchies a-plenty. We spent, like, 8 hours gaming and socializing, and it was a very enjoyable session.

Okay, you really don't care. Nobody cares about other people's RPGs. But...

So. Your standard big underground cavern. Big snake-guy (a yuan-ti abomination) suddenly appears from the underground stream. Combat! And the very first thing that happens is he polymorphs my character (the rogue) into a snake.

The ranger sends his wolf to fetch the snake out of harm's way (ssssss, say I, being a snake in mind and body) and I start playing Karen's character for a little bit, since she's gone. But then a couple minutes later, we remember that there's a Will to keep your mind intact! Will saves I can make. We roll it, and I do! So okay, my character is now a snake.

The fight goes well, but snakes are slow and we're hurting by the time I get slithered into position. Finally, I'm behind him, and I attack! Add attack bonus, +2 for flanking, I still have to spend an Action Point and it only gets me an extra +1, but I hit! Doing 1 whole point of damage! Ooo, but he's flanked, so snake-rogue gets an extra d6 of damage, and I roll a 6! So that's pretty cool. And then Thomas realizes that I'm he said I was a venomous snake. So I get to roll 1d6 of Con damage. A 5! The monster has 12 hit dice, so he loses 24 hit points from that. And he dies!

And then everyone says: "Well, I guess that polymorph spell really came back to bite him in the ass."

(Har har)

Second thing: at the end of the session, Thomas handed out a bunch of new character sheets and we got to do a little mini cut-scene adventure with NPCs. Low-level NPCs. Who get attacked by a dragon. So they all die, of course. And after they come back as ghosts (because it's ghostwalk), they die again. But during the fight, Kate (who's playing an adept, not even a full-blown cleric) rolls a double critical hit, and does maximum damage with an ice spear (150% damage), doing 45 points of damage in a single hit from a non-fighter! It was, *ahem*, pretty cool.

(Har de har har)
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