Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Family Thanksgiving

So, I'm at work. At 11 pm. On a holiday. And I'll be here tomorrow, too.

This is fine. I mean, it sucks, yes, but it's an extraordinary circumstance, this doesn't normally happen, and it's for a big important project, all that kind of stuff, so I don't mind.

I spent all day with my Dad's side of the family yesterday, which was much longer and more enjoyable than I expected. There are a lot of small childrens, and some of my nephews are a bit shrieky, but there were enough children and parents that they didn't demand attention. Maybe they kind of cancel each other out once you get enough of them?

There was lots of tasty food. The turkeys (one roasted, one deep-friend, both brined) were really excellent this year, and the sesame-ginger (aka Of Crack) green beans went over well.

It turns out that my middle sister is, indeed, divorced, and has been for long enough that she's been with her current boyfriend for a year. I got to pick the two of them up and drive them down there, so I got to hear some details, and it sounds like it's all for the best. New Boyfriend definitely earns more approval points than Ex-Husband. (It also turns out that my sister and I have similar taste in men, but that's neither here nor there.)

I remembered to bring games this year, and we played three(!) rounds of Dominion. It was a bigger hit than I expected.

Had some good conversation with siblings, and we got some pictures with all of us, since this may well be the last time we do everyone in the same place for a holiday. My youngest sister is graduating high school in the spring, and then my step-mom will be selling her house and moving out to West Virginia with my step-sister & her (large) family, so there won't really be a central gathering point any more.

I'm thankful for a lot of things this year, as always. Friends and family are one of the big ones.

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