Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

The Universe Is Nice To Me

When making travel arrangements for AGU this year, I somehow managed to make my hotel reservations early enough to have some choice in where to stay, and as a result, I'm within walking distance of the convention center. Like, a block and a half away. I hardly know what to do with myself.

Having nothing better to do this evening, I was walking over to pick up my registration materials and gave Wes a call on the way to find out if he was in town. It turns out not only was he in town this week in general, but was at that moment over at Colin & Jess's at their Fried Chicken party. He suggested I should come join them, and I said I'd consider it after I got all registered and stuff, and I walked about 50 feet further before I said, aloud, "Fuck it" and turned around to go back to the hotel and figure out which bus to take. At which point I got a text message with the address and the note that a cab was only about $9.

So it turns out I DID have something much better to do this evening, which was to hang out at Time Cube with Colin & Jess & U-Boat & Christy & Corvidae & Perlick & Wes and a bunch of other folks and eat tasty tasty dinner things and play a few rounds of Dominion and discuss SF authors and babies and game design.

I'm in quite a nice hotel room on the 35th floor. My first talk tomorrow isn't until 11. And all the big deadlines that had me working overtime are behind me.

I feel more relaxed than I have in weeks.

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