Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Funny How That Whole "Rest" Thing Works

I think some of the "man, I'm tired" of my last post was also the start getting sick. Monday I went to work and refilled my Tessalon prescription for the lingering cough (which I have gotten Yet Again), but that night I had a nasty sore throat that felt an awful lot like when I got strep throat most recently. So Tuesday morning bright and early I went to the doctor, because if it was strep, I wanted to get on antibiotics as quickly as possible, because I have to get on a plane on Friday. To go to Japan.

Happily, the test was negative, so the doctor thinks it was just some viral tonsillitis something. So I spent all day on the couch yesterday and today (and last night, so as not to breathe my disease onto my sleeping boyfriends) and now it's pretty much cleared up. There's some lingering sore throat, but I'm not warm and I don't ache and I have an appetite again. Doing nothing: the best cure for a virus!

(I did go over to my grandmother's briefly last night to say Merry Christmas and do some gift exchange, but I didn't stay long and I did my best not to touch anyone.)

So, yeah. Packing tomorrow! SuperShuttle is picking us up at 4 am on Friday... -_-

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