Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Bah AND Humbug

I have just given my boyfriend the WORST. CHRISTMAS PRESENT. EVER.

My passport is expired.*

Which means that I can't get on a plane to go to Japan tomorrow.**

We're still going, of course. I spent the $too-goddam-much in fees to change the tickets to the 16th, which should be plenty of time for an expedited passport renewal.***

But yeah, it's already tomorrow morning over there and my gift is, essentially, a three week delay in getting to see us. Merry Christmas, sweetie! Isn't it just what you always wanted? *stabs self*

Man, I suck. I AM SO SO SORRY, MONKEY! It is entirely my fault. :( :( :(

The Mister Cranky-Pants icon is, in this case, directed at myself.

(I'm just glad that Robb looked at my passport and discovered the problem this afternoon, because as awful as this is, it would have been WAY worse to have found this out at the airport.)


* I think what happened is that when we went to Canada a couple summers ago, I checked it and thought "oh, I still have a couple years left" and that's is what stuck in my brain, not accounting for the fact that time was continuing to pass.****

** Which also means that Greg can't go, because he has some serious flight anxiety and would not be able to deal with a 14-hour trip on his own.

*** Because, what, I'm just gonna burn the sunk cost and not go visit my boyfriend in exile? I don't think so. (Not to mention that it would be full-on doom rather than just serious angst if we had to cancel completely.)

**** I have already filled out the renewal application and will go get photos and mail it first thing Saturday. Because my boyfriends, who are way more awesome than me, made me do it right away instead of procrastinating, as I surely would have done otherwise.
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