Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Office games

We are currently watching Alias DVDs, which Kate lent us. It's pretty cool. I think I like it. They do a good job with the spy genre, and I think much of it is that they know what skip over and not show.

I went to a holiday party for work this evening hosted by our lab director. The food was very, very good (his wife used to be a chef), and there was, y'know, the usual cow-orker chatting. I need to remember that I'm actually an extrovert and interacting with new people can really get my brain running.

Anyway, it's always good form to show up for extra-curricular work events, but this was special bonus, because I discovered something really cool. Our lab director (my boss's boss, basically) loves games! He owns a copy of the Sid Meyer's Civilization board game. He suggested maybe we should have a departmental games night. He designs his own games, even!

So we're going to try and include him in our demo/playtest later this week.

That's really cool.

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