Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

The Future Says Hello

Greetings from ~THE FUTURE~!

For really this time. We spent WAY TOO MANY hours on a plane to not be in the future.

We spent last night at a hotel right off the airport, which was very much the right decision. It had the most comfortable hotel beds I've ever slept on. (I would have taken them home, but alas, they would not fit in our luggage.) We stayed up until 9 pm and slept until about 6 am, so we're fighting jet lag okay.

Today we travelled from Osaka to Hirakata City. Got settled in at Osaka English House, did a little shopping, and... that's about it, really.

I discovered that bookstores are not cool when you are illiterate; they're just confusing and mysterious. I was surprised at how distressing I found this.

Udon for dinner(?) (it was the 5th meal of the 'day') last night. Omeyaki (noodle omelette) for breakfast; okonomiyaki (fried cabbage w/ fillings) for lunch; and tonkatsu with japanese curry for dinner. All of which were very yummy.

This country makes me feel oversized.

And we finally have a picture of all four of us!

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