Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


We're home!

The boys have both crashed already, having not really slept on the flights back. (They're both anxious flyers, and normally take a while to get to sleep under the best of circumstances. Happily, the trans-Pacific leg had much less turbulence than our flight over. SFO-DIA was still lousy, though, because United's planes are old and crappy and they jam their seats too close.) I got a fair amount of sleep and so will probably be up for a while. Either way, we missed enough sleep that I think we've got a good jump on the jet lag.

Not much to tell of our last day in Japan. We packed up our bags and left Osaka English House around 11-ish. Got some Misdo for breakfast one last time. Then we sat on trains for a really long time and had some lunch at the airport food court, before sitting in the airport for a long time and sitting on planes for even longer.

Crowds of gaijin don't look strange the way I thought they might, but I do still have the urge to say "arigato" to restaurant staff. The parking lot of Target seems ridiculously immense. The music and announcements on the tram at DIA are as stupid and embarrassing as they ever were; we want the cultured British lady announcer from the JR line instead.

It was a wonderful, wonderful trip. It's also good to be home.

(More posts about the trip to come in the next few days!)

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