Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

The Power of Not Sucking

I got a replacement replacement power cord for my laptop today. And maybe it's sorta lame, but the fact that nothing about it sucked made me so happy that I actually went to their website and wrote them a little thank-you note.

Dear Rocketfish,

I just purchased your laptop AC power adapter to use while I wait for a replacement for my original one under my service plan. (Actually, I didn't purchase it - I exchanged a Targus universal power adapter that I'd bought a couple weeks ago, because the tip broke and wouldn't stay connected. In the meantime, I discovered, Best Buy has discontinued carrying the Targus and now carries Rocketfish instead. So it was an exchange.)

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you, because your product is fantastic on every level.

Even the *packaging* is great. The box is easy to open, it's easy to get at all the bits and pieces inside, there aren't a million unnecessary twist-ties and plastic baggies, and it would be easy to put everything back in the box if I needed to return the product -- or even just wanted to use the original box for storage. The package is even conveniently rectangular.

You have included a printed copy of the tip-compatibility guide in the box, so that I don't have to go online to figure out which tip to use -- which could be difficult if, say, I couldn't use my laptop because it had no power cord.

There are velcro gather straps on both pieces of cord. The tip slides on firmly and securely and stays connected. The transformer brick is small and lightweight. The wall plug is both unpolarized and ungrounded, so that I can use it in any outlet anywhere.

And it's $5 cheaper!

In short, everything about your product is absolutely wonderful. You have made my consumer experience better in a multitude of tiny ways that add up to significanly greater satisfaction. It's just a little thing, but opening that box and having everything in it *not suck at all* has made my day better.

Thank you for being the kind of company that aims for that degree of customer happiness. I wish you success, and hope that whoever reads this has a better day, too. Please pass it on.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. T

It's kind of sad how much of the world is filled with things that are only adequate, but that you put up with because that's the only option, or the best of what's available. When something comes along that merely does what it does without flaw, it's a little bit amazing. It doesn't have to be new or groundbreaking or even above-average -- just having something with absolutely nothing wrong with it is a kind of greatness.

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