Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

House Drama

So, the short version:

We're not closing on the house tomorrow. We're closing next week.

So we're not moving this weekend, we're moving next weekend.

I'm dusty and worn-out, but things are back on track.

This morning I got a call from our realtor, telling me that she'd heard from the lender and we might not be able to close tomorrow. Insert freak-out here while I tried to call various people and find out what was going on and then had to wait for them to call me back. Not a pleasant morning.

The sitch, I find out, is thus: We're getting an FHA loan. There are a bunch of regulations that apply, many of them newly changed. FHA loans have to be approved by an underwriter, and the underwriter looked at the appraisal on the house and said "We can't approve that, there are drywall holes and visible wires." Those have to be fixed and we have to get a reappraisal before the loan can be approved.

My realtor and the lender have both been fairly intent on establishing whether somebody did something wrong, but I, frankly, do not care who, if anyone, is at fault. I just want the situation to be fixed in a way that results in us getting a house. (I'm also incapable of sustaining angry for very long, although I was quite angry for a while there until my loan officer talked to me.)

So we got an extension on the contract and the realtor got me access to the house and this afternoon I went over there and patched the damn holes myself, because that was the fastest and easiest way to deal with the problem.

The hole over the stove was small, but yeah, I could see the exposed wire they were talking about. Fine. The small hole in the basement is actually so you can get at a cutoff valve, but I'm not going to try and argue with some appraiser I've never met, so I patched it anyway. Whatever. We can take it out after the house is ours.

They didn't mention the big hole in the garage above the door into the house, but I patched that one too, just in case. Thomas came over and loaned me a ladder and helped with that one and kept me company, because he is awesome. And Neal & Rhonda are double-awesome for having lots and lots of tools and lending them to me.

Drywall, it turns out, is pretty easy to patch, especially if you use the little clips as recommended by the guy at Ace Hardware. And I remembered how to spackle, even though it's been 15 years since I did it last (at tep).

So it's done now, and I believe that this is just a hiccup in the process, albeit a nasty one, and not a disaster. I'm feeling a whole lot better about it all than I was this morning, despite the Mister Crankypants icon above. But hey, icon.

The new plan is to move *next* weekend, not this coming weekend, and to live around and out of boxes for a few days. And we will still ply everyone with pizza and lovely beverages to come and help us move things. And it will be good! Just a week later.

Of course, Robb & Greg are still coming back from Idaho with a truck full of stuff in a couple days. We may need some help dealing with that. I'll keep you posted...
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