Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Doing a lot better today.

With much calling and emailing and collaborating with the sellers, there is a Plan. We have a list if items that need to be addressed, and they are being addressed. Yesterday was very emotional; today, I'm just in Make It Go mode.

So, the second inspector said we needed to have a plumber look at a couple ostensible leaks and the water heater, an electrician look at the breaker box, and an HVAC guy look at the furnace. And we had to put a gutter downspout extender on the gutter on the SE corner of the building.

A gutter. Downspout. Extender. This matters enough to hold up the sale? Not to mention that the HOA is responsible for everything on the exterior of the building? Fine, whateverrrr. *insert massive eye-roll here*

It's eight freakin' dollars. I drove over there this morning and did it myself. Behold!

Gutter downspout extender APPLIED!

While I was there, I ran into the HVAC guy, who told me the furnace is just fine. We'll probably have to replace it in a few years, but we don't need to get a new one today. So hooray! The plumber and the electrician will be there tomorrow. Everything is happening!

The most exciting thing is that the sellers are seriously considering our request to move in this weekend and just rent the place for a few days until we close. And even if that doesn't go through, we have permission to put stuff in the garage, which means we don't have to keep living surrounded by boxes!

Also, I figured out how to get our mail.

Also also, kitties. Yay!
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