Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


I saw Sherlock Holmes at the discount cinema this evening with Sarah & Rhonda.

I liked it. I liked the new spin they put on the characters, making both of them Men of Action but also still very much Holmes and Watson. And I thought there was some good stuff with Holmes's problematic behaviors clearly being coping mechanisms for him having way too much brain that never shuts off. I liked Irene Adler, because she was complex and competent and useful. She was a secondary character, but clearly has her own series of films off in some alternate reality. And yes, Holmes & Watson had a lot of Old-Married-Couple barely-concealed homoerotic subtext going on, which was entertaining.

Also, Jude Law looks good with a moustache. In fact, there was a lot of eye candy going on in this movie. I may have to start watching more period Victorian movies...

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