Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


We are moved!*

A bunch of awesome friends came last weekend and then a bunch more came yesterday and we filled a U-Haul truck completely with boxes and then filled it again with furniture and I really cannot express how incredibly blessed I feel to have all you wonderful people in my life. Seriously, I get all verklempt thinking about how we absolutely could not have coped without all your help. Thank you all SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!

Our new house is filled with boxes, but we can still move around and live in it despite that, which is kind of mind-boggling after the last few weeks.

We had to disassemble the big computer desk to get it downstairs, and we couldn't get the smaller brown couch down the stairs at all. So for now, it's going in the living room, and the green couch is going away to ARC once I call them to come pick it up, and we'll just have chairs in the downstairs gaming room.

Finding clothes and towels to shower and get dressed this morning was a bit of an adventure.

Elizabeth came over today and we got the last load of things and then she & the guys came back here and unpacked while I stayed there & cleaned. It's kind of amazing how much easier it is to clean an empty dwelling, which is probably why a lot of things got cleaned that had never been cleaned while we lived there.

*Well, mostly. There were a few things left that we got today. We still need to get the plants and everything in the refrigerator, and all the cleaning supplies. But we need to buy more shelves for the new fridge and finish cleaning the apartment before we move that stuff.

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