Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Busy Busy Busy

Has it really only been a week since we closed on the house? Wow.

I haven't gotten home before 10 pm all this week.

Monday evening we finished cleaning the apartment. I sat in the back of the minivan and propped up the cactus the whole drive home, then went back and cleaned until about midnight.

Tuesday there was a going-away thing for Keith (Baker), because he's moving to Portland. So I went to that, and played some Fast Food Franchise, and sat in on interesting conversations about world-building and serial storytelling and stuff like that.

Last night I did the walk-through for the apartment, and, stunningly, we're going to get our entire damage deposit back. (Well, minus utilities in arrears.) Those of you who have seen the moisture issues with bathroom in that place will understand just how surprising I found this. The phrase "clearly not your fault" came up several times, and made me happy. And then I spent a couple hours at the laundromat.

And then tonight my boss took me to dinner at a nice restaurant (Salt, where Tom's Tavern used to be on Pearl Street) and we discussed job evaluation kinds of stuff. It was a very useful conversation, I think. I had seven-hour braised lamb shank with mushroom farrotto ( = spelt risotto, apparently) and roasted asparagus and it was very, very tasty.

On top of this, work has been intense, although not particularly stressful. The explanation I came up with is that I have a couple really high-priority items that I'm working hard on, and I therefore have a good reason to totally blow off everything else on my very long to-do list, so I'm not getting the constant sense of "oh, I should really be working on that other thing, too" that sometimes causes me to feel overwhelmed and uses up all my supply of copage.

We are surrounded by boxes, but they do not loom, and their number grows a little smaller each day. I found my other shoes this morning! I was very excited.

Now I have to go find the phone and plug it in, since in theory it's working now. Wish me luck!

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