Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I had a birthday, and it was good

So Thursday and Friday I crunched really hard on recalcitrant data and finally (finally!) got the stuff the EPA needed calculated. (This was after our contact there sent me email saying "hey, I'm reaching the critical decision point and need to know if you can get the data to me by Monday". So, yeah, no pressure.) Usually I feel kind of heroic and get a lot of ego-boost when I pull stuff off like that, but not so much this time because it's been something we've been trying to get to them for literally months now. But it was nevertheless pretty satisfying.

Thanks for all the birthday well-wishes! Celebration was pretty low-key because we are broke broke broke until my tax return comes in, and who knows how long that'll take. We just had home-cooked spaghetti together and then watched the first disc of Big Bang Theory. (I got seasons 1 & 2 for my birthday, yay!) And that was quite nice.

We cleaned out the storage unit today, and I unpacked more boxes of books. I definitely need another bookcase. Tomorrow I'm going to start hanging some paintings.

In short, I had a birthday, and it was nothing spectacular, but still good.

And in a month, I get my monkey back. :)
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