Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Firday warpup

Andy Goldsworthy rocks my world. Wow. I was looking through a book of his stuff in the bookstore and literally having trouble breathing because each page took my breath away.

Had our demo this afternoon with boss-of-boss and one of the scientists that's a coastal expert. It went really well. We even had a successful recovery from one of the clients crashing! And they didn't spend any time getting confused about the interface, which means that a bunch of the UI tweaks we made are starting to work. And it sounds like we've actually captured the coastal issues in a realistic and believable way. So that's good.

Hung out tonight with the Joneses and Kate, in celebration of the early Xmas present (a freezer!) that we helped get them. Yay!

Did a lot of commenting today over on dpolicar's blog about, um, stuff. Religion and decision-making and voting and ethics of delegation and... yeah.

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