Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Iron Man 2

So I went and saw Iron Man 2 again tonight.

(We already saw it once Saturday morning, but Neal had organized an outing to see it at Cinebarre tonight, and I was curious to see what it's like. Plus, shows are only $5 on Tuesdays.)

I liked it! (Obviously, given that I was willing to see it twice.)

I think I might rate it a tiny smidge less delightful than the first movie, but that's entirely attributable to the difference in novelty factor.

The casting is excellent. Not just Robert Downey Jr., who makes the whole movie work because he is Tony Stark, but everybody in the movie does great things with their roles. Sam Rockwell and Gary Shandling are both just fantastically loathsome.

I will also note that I managed to avoid all the hype about the movie -- I hadn't even seen any trailers for it -- so I was totally surprised when Scarlett Johansson's character turned out to be Black Widow. (Also, this time around I noticed that when she reboots Rhodie's suit? I'm pretty sure she does a CTL-ALT-DEL on the keyboard just before the cut.)

There's a lot of subtle interplay between the characters that isn't highlighted, just there to observe if you're paying attention to who they are. Like the discussion between Tony & Pepper on the flight back from Monaco, or when Hammer rescues Vanko and is trying to impress him. I love it when a film gives me credit for having enough of a brain to figure things out.

The FX and the suits, are, of course, completely awesome. I really like the portable suit at the Grand Prix. And I noticed this time that the fight scenes are not overly busy; I could tell what was going on even when there were lots of things moving quickly, which is something a lot of heavy-CGI movies fail at.

But I think my favorite thing about the Iron Man movies is the interpretation of Tony Stark as mad scientist. And this movie adds the twist that his father was a mad scientist, too, and when he realized he couldn't attain his vision, he switched to building himself a son who could do it for him. (The bit where the layout of the expo turns out to be a blueprint? That was AWESOME.)

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