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There are quite a few webcomics that I am fond of, but not a whole lot that I ready regularly. Long-form comics, in particular, I don't like reading a day at a time -- it's too easy to lose track of the plot, and too frustrating to take something I really like and put it down over and over -- so I save them up to read in big batches. And sometimes while they're ripening I forget about them, and sort of lose the impulse to read.

Greg & Robb got me a signed copy of the first volume of Phil & Kaja Foglio's Girl Genius at Comic-Con. I've had it in my bookmarks for a long time, but it's one of those that I haven't read in ages and ages.

Or hadn't, rather, because after reading through my paper copy, I promptly hopped online and have been catching up on the whole thing (in a rationed-to-last-longer kind of way) and It. Is. AWESOME!

And oh MAN would it make an excellent RPG. (Oh, hey, looky there!)

And if that's not enough of a time-sink for ya, there's also the computer version of Race For the Galaxy... Did I mention that it's officially sanctioned and totally free? And plays quite well?

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