Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Power Grid

Just got back from Second Thursday Game Night at Floyd's Tom's. Out of deference to Chris, we had fun, but we did not have SOOPER-fun.

But I have finally played Power Grid! This is not an intrinsically noteworthy thing, but it's one of those games I've said "hmm, that looks interesting" about for, literally, years, and never gotten around to because it's very resource-managey and kinda long, and it's never been a good fit for that moment.

But tonight it was. I enjoyed it. I sort of feel like the first two-thirds of the game is somewhat inconsequential and mostly just about not screwing up and getting yourself stuck in a corner, but in the endgame it pays to think carefully about what you're doing. We had a very close game; three of us ended at 17 cities and the other two at 16, so it came down to money as the tiebreaker. Tom had $30, I had $40, and Bryan had $60-some, so I felt quite happy with my performance, especially for a first game.

Plenty of fun, but now my butt is sore from folding chair.

Today at work I solved lots of problems and fielded email and was highly productive, and it was cool, but at the end of the day realized I hadn't had time to deal with any of the stuff on MY list. Still, not a bad day.

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