Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Playing catch-up, speed, and smoke on the horizon

I have been really terrible about posting lately. I've had a number of topics cross my mind that I thought were interesting and would make good posts, but the contemplation of then following-up with a comment discussion just made me go "ugh". (Which is weird, because I'm always delighted to talk about these kinds of things in person.) I haven't even managed to reply to comments that relate to me directly -- though I must say thank you to everyone who does read and comment. Maybe it's just that work has been busy lately, so I haven't had much energy for correspondence? I dunno.

Zamboni was in town this weekend, so Friday evening after dinner I met up with him down on 16th Street Mall and we walked around and talked. I feel like it ought to have taken longer to answer the question "so what have you been up to for the last ten years?" but I guess when you're catching up that much, it's natural just to cover the broadest strokes. And I have to admit, much as I love it when other people do it, I myself am pretty bad at telling tales from personal history. I don't have the kind of memory for details that really makes that go.

I ran my one-shot Star Wars playtest on Saturday, and it went well. Players enjoyed it, stripped-down system worked well. It also went REALLY fast. Got through the adventure in just a little over two hours. So the campaign may not last as long as I had imagined it might -- which is not a bad thing, come to think of it. Will just have to keep speed in mind as I'm prepping.

Yesterday and today was a whole lot of not much. Went for a swim before they close the pool for the season. Dug through boxes in the garage looking for the sewing kit so I can sew buttons back on the three or four items of clothing that are now missing them. I didn't find it, but I did find three boxes of magazines to chuck. Driving to the recycling center, I saw the ENORMOUS plume of smoke coming from the wildfire west of Boulder. At first I thought it was a cold front sweeping in from the north, but no, just a low smoke cloud from horizon to horizon...

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