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I am doing a lot more reading now that I'm taking the bus to work more regularly.

I finished re-reading The Madness Season by C.S. Friedman today. My memory of the story was only vague, so it's not like I had any favorite parts I was looking forward to, and I was surprised at how much momentum the writing had. Ended up reading more than I really planned to on more than one occasion. It's a good story, although there's a bit of hokey biology when it comes to the bits that touch on evolution (isn't there always?). I have also decided that I'm tired of seeing "life force" or "life energy" in sci-fi. We have DNA now, we don't need vitalism anymore...

I also read The Firebrand, by Susan Wiggs. It is, yes, a romance novel, which Rosemary loaned me. (Because I figure, if some of the stuff I want to write has romantic elements? I should read some examples of how to do that well.) I enjoyed it. A lot.

It is a very well-written book. There were a number of moments where I thought A-ha, I see what you're doing there, Ms. Author, and it's pretty clever. Also interesting is that -- and I can see how this is part of the appeal of the genre -- you know exactly where the story is going to end up, so a lot of what happens plot-wise is detours, and the more unpredictable they are, the more fun it is to see how the story will manage to get back on track. The book does a very good job of being unpredictable. If you've never read a romance before, you might want to read this one.

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