Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

This also kinda implies road construction is NOT an inconvenience, which. You guys, I don't EVEN.

Very busy week. We're having a big meeting next Tuesday, so I've been crash-processing whichever datasets I could get my hands on to make plots we're going to use in an expert judgment elicitation exercise. Which is where we get all the modelers in the room and show them plots and ask "so, can we say anything about whether any of these do or don't models suck?" Plus, y'know, lots of discussion about when everybody is actually going to send us their data.

Which made this the perfect week to try to finally tackle writing this mini-toolkit of programs to replace the segment of the analysis chain that I don't fully trust because sometimes it has a different number of data points coming out of it than I expect, and it's very hard to track down exactly why that is. Right?

And yet, somehow, I think I managed to get it all finished just before I left work today. I still have to double-check it, but yeah, I have a bunch of updated scripts and three or four completely new ones that do it more flexibly and reliably and *verifiably* than before, plus it's less work to hook it all up, and now I should be able to move forward on the research I need to do for December, and the weirdest part is, I got a pretty significant chunk of all this done riding on the bus to and from work.

But it also means that my head has totally been embedded in code-land all week long, and I haven't had time to read or to think about gaming or writing or any of that stuff. So it'll be interesting to see what's gotten bottled up in my brain after the meeting is done and the pressure is removed.

Which is all a rather lengthy way of saying sorry I haven't had much to say lately, either in my own blog or commenting on other folks' posts. I know, so boring, right? But still, I need to tell y'all I still love you, even when I have no blather about my day-to-day.

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