Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Hop-mo Turkledae

Had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with family this evening over at my cousin's. Both uncles where there, plus my grandmother, and assorted kids and a couple neighbors.

I was waffling when I first got the invitation, but then my cousin's wife said, in so many words, "we'd love it if you and Jerry could come", and how could you turn down something that welcoming? It's pretty clear that everyone recognized him as my partner and was fine with it, so yay for that. (I suspect Grandma may still be on Team Let's Not Think Too Hard About It a little bit, but if so she gets a pass on account of age, and she conversed with Jerry before dinner, so it's all good in my book.)

Otherwise, had a pretty low-key day. The dishwasher is working again, hooray! I did actually do a little bit of work because AGU is in two weeks oh em gee and I still have to finish the research that goes on my poster. So yeah.

I'm thankful I have a job that I like even when it keeps my over-busy. And for family, and my guys, and our house, and our kitties, and games nights with friends, and computers and the internet and all of you. I may not have a flying car, but living in this chunk of the future is pretty cool even so.

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