Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

busy busy busy

No time for coherence. Instead, a bullet-point-ish recap:

Dominion at Tom's Wednesday evening after working late. Prosperity allows for both huge and tiny decks as ways of getting lots of coin.

Bats & Sara(h?) on Friday. Plus Indian buffet for lunch. Yay and yum, respectively. Also was good to have impetus to clean the house a bit.

Senji Friday evening at Jeff's. 'Twas fun and strategic, but not stellar. I think this is a sign of how spoiled I am with excellent boardgaming opportunities.

Jerry ran Descent on Saturday for me & Mel & Nick. Got meet Nick's new girlfriend.

Another Descent run for Mel & Gideon & Jason on Sunday, but I hung out upstairs & tried to get some work done. Mostly ended up napping because I was tired. Perhaps fighting off a cold. (If so, zinc lozenges helped a lot.) Laundry, grocery shopping, cooked dinner for tonight.

Today at work I finally figured out why the code was refusing to interpolate the one file. (The data was stored north-to-south, and the interpolation function needs it to be south-to-north.) Not sure whether the feeling I had upon realizing this was triumph, or something more akin to how good it feels when you stop hitting yourself with a hammer.

Boys are home now, yay! And it's cold.

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