Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Still making the attempt to have my poster finished by Monday.

Today is the Nth day in a row that I have come home and spent much of the evening working.

(Not that I'm off the clock, mind you; I may be salaried and exempt, but if I don't get paid undertime, the company doesn't get unpaid overtime. It's just as unethical going the other direction.)

I have lots of pretty colored pictures. Now I have to attempt to get them to say something interesting.

My poster is about the question "does it matter which interpolation algorithm you use to regrid data?" and at one point I was thinking it would have a big box in the lower right-hand corner saying "NO." in very large letters. Then I started thinking it would say "NO*", and now I'm leaning towards "IT DEPENDS", which is nice because that's probably more interesting.

So. Tired.

Probably that means I should go to bed, hunh?

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