Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

It remains far too cold outside, but today was a very distinct improvement over yesterday.

Still fighting to be able to make a competitive offer to the candidate that is oh-so-perfect for the minion position I have, but now at least we have a path forward!

And once again, it was demonstrated that yelling and throwing a conniption, despite how satisfying it would be, is usually not the tactic of greatest productivity. I was diplomatic and kept my grump contained -- barely -- and now I have a shot at getting what I want. Still would have liked to do some shouting, though.

I've been weirdly achy and having delicate stomach and low on cope reserves and yesterday I was WAY over-emotional, so I think I may be fighting off a virus.

Or maybe it's just really cold and I'm getting older.

Trufax confession time: whenever I can't get hold of someone, there is a part of my brain that thinks the thought "maybe it's because they're dead". And I know that this is a completely ridiculous thought, but nevertheless, having thought it, I worry about it, just a little, until I am proved wrong. On the bus ride home yesterday, when nobody picked up their phones because Jerry was taking a shower and Greg & Robb were downstairs where cell coverage is poor and they can't hear the house phone? That part of my brain decided to note that one possible explanation was that everyone had succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning. *cue ominous music*

Thanks, brain. You're a big help.
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