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Honorverse [Jan. 30th, 2011|10:02 pm]
I'm on my third Honor Harrington book, because they're totally legitimately available for free in electronic format, so I figured what the heck. Stuff to read on the bus. Go Baen!

I don't think they're great literature, but I'm enjoying them. The writing is not sluggish. They're very much Space Navy books, with a fair amount of world-building specifically designed to allow for Age of Sail-type naval battles In Space, and not a lot of other technological development for a setting that's thousands of years into the future. The fight scenes are clearly carefully plotted out, with lots of important numbers slung about and plenty of casualties.

The main character is arguably a bit of a Mary-Sue, or if not that, it's at least clear that the author thinks his protagonist is super-awesome. And there are a lot of scenes where important social interactions happen on a kind of narrative level, where viewpoint characters just know things about what other characters are thinking and feeling.

In short, they're the sort of book that I would expect to get stuck partway through and never come back to. But as I said, I've read two already and am starting a third. So I guess David Weber is doing something right.

It's also worth nothing that he puts some serious work into maintaining gender parity, and that's pretty cool.

From: jkusters
2011-01-31 06:01 am (UTC)
I just finished reading all of the Honorverse books, including the spin-offs. Well, at least all of the ones that have been published so far. It continues to be an entertaining story, though the pacing is a bit unsteady in the later books. Of course, the battles continue to get bigger and bigger, with more and more at stake. I think the only big challenge you'll face is that the later books get awfully "talky" with both internal and external dialogs taking up larger percentages of the books.

The gender parity thing is indeed well done, with a LOT more female characters than I'm used to in books of this nature. And while he does do a good job with gender parity, not so much with orientation diversity. I don't think Weber is particularly anti-gay, he just doesn't think to include any (or at least not many) non-straight characters. Kind of bugs me, but he's no worse than many of his peers, and better than most.
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[User Picture]From: jofish22
2011-01-31 06:30 am (UTC)
Yeah, they're very readable. One towards the end gets really bad, I seem to remember. Try Elizabeth Moon when you're done (not her swords 'n' unicorns crap, but her Vetta stuff.
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