Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


I am in New Orleans for Gumbeaux's wedding!

Flew American through DFW, which was better than I expected. The planes have decent leg room, and the plane change was long enough to grab dinner but not so long that the wait for the next flight was tedious. I was sitting way at the back of the plane, which made the engine noise unpleasantly loud, but I did get to board early enough that I had no trouble finding overhead bin space for my bag. All in all, it was a decent set of trade-offs.

My hotel is a little sketchy and dated looking on the outside, but the room itself is plenty nice. I was worried that business travel might have spoiled me for non-fancy hotels.

It was, like, 19 degrees when I was waiting for the bus to the airport this morning, and when I got here I had to change clothes because jeans and a (very light-weight) long-sleeved shirt was just WAAAY too much clothing.

Luckily for me Spackle's flight was delayed, and also he is awesome, because he had just gotten a rental car and was able to give me a ride to downtown. (I'm staying at the Days Inn right next to the airport, because it's 1/3 the price of the Hotel Bienville in the French Quarter where everybody else is staying, and I am doing this trip on a budget.) So we got to catch up on the drive to downtown for the welcome party. Which took a bit, because it's the beginning of Mardi Gras, and there are parades and, consequently, traffic. (I ended up walking the last chunk and got there a good 45 minutes before he did...)

Got to eat petit-fours and hang out with Gums & Death & Spackle & Quinzee & Uboat & Christy & Corvidae and other folks with ridiculous names, and now I think it's bedtime.

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