Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

N'awlins in February

So I went to New Orleans! For a wedding. It was a lovely trip.

It was crazy warm and humid there. I wore shorts, and wished that I had packed more than one pair.

The wedding itself was short and sweet. The reception was replete with much tasty nibbly food and a live band. The bride got up and sang a song, and sang it really, really well. Hava nagila was sung and newlyweds were hoisted into the air in chairs and bounced up and down and we completely failed to drop them, huzzah!

And otherwise it was mostly just hanging out and talking with friends, which was awesome, but I am really terrible at being able to recount interesting anecdotes resulting from that.

Saturday a dozen of us went to Emeril's NOLA restaurant for an extended lunch. For me, it was kind of hit-and-miss. For an appetizer, I had shrimp remoulade with fried pickles. The shrimp remoulade was very good. Probably the best remoulade I've ever had (not that that's a huge field of comparison, but still). The pickles... enh. Honestly, you can get better fried pickles at Smashburger. (And I just verified this tonight, as we went there to celebrate Jerry's birthday. (Happy birthday, Monkey!)) And then the entree was a Vietnamese Po'Boy sandwich, which I guess was supposed to be the local take on banh mi. And it was a decent, but there was no daikon and the carrot and cucumber weren't pickled, and it made me realize that those elements are really integral to that sandwich. Without them, it's just a fairly pedestrian roast pork sandwich. Which was fine, but not very interesting, and honestly I think the banh mi I can get for $4 at Pacific Ocean Market is a lot better than the fancy-restaurant-famous-chef version. However, for dessert I had a creme brulee trio that was phenomenally good and made me very happy to have eaten there. The trio was vanilla, chocolate, and coconut, and when I was nearing the end I felt like it was a seriously difficult decision which to finish off last. I think I ended with the chocolate, but it was hard to choose.

Sunday I spent hanging out with goddessdster, who is way way awesome. She fed me pizza and we drove around and poked about in bookstores and talked and talked and talked. And it was good.

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