Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I exist, really I do

Our workshop is done! It went well.

I had no brain at all left by the end of the day Friday, so I got new front tires put on the car (well, actually new rear tires because they rotated them) because the old ones had gotten scary bald and then I came home and did nothing all weekend long.

Actually, I went to Tom & Heather's and played Dominion on Saturday evening (absolutely stomped in the first game with a Mint/Treasure Map/Smithy combo, did much less well the other two games). And then on Sunday I went and helped Thomas move a box full of swingset bits into the back yard (my contribution: "How about if we take the bits out of the box and move them a few at a time?") and then we talked Rogue Trader stuff all afternoon.

But it FELT like a whole lot of nothing, and that's what counts. Apparently. To my brain.

I spent the day today catching up on email (still not done) and having meetings. And organizing. I have a TODO list that's a full page of paper, in two columns. But it felt pretty good, and I'm surprisingly re-energized for dealing with work.

I'm sure it doesn't hurt that it's spring and the weather is lovely.

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