Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Thor and Travel

Jerry is off to the Pacific Northwest for a week and a half. Yesterday was a bit blurry, since I got up and drove him to the airport at 4 am. I has become typical when I have to get up really early for something important, I slept poorly and dreamed about missing flights.

But then I came home and went back to bed, so that was all right.

Greg & Robb & I went and saw Thor yesterday. It was good! Not super-fantastic-amazing, but solidly good. And I think that's quite an accomplishment, because it strikes me as a movie that could easily have gone very wrong in a multitude of ways, and the makers managed to avoid all that. I mean, think about it -- Bifrost, the rainbow bridge, could have been incredibly hokey and cheesy, and instead they managed to make it cool. Ditto all the asgardian costumes, and Asgard itself. I liked that Loki had more going on than just innate jerkitude. There was a lot of good use of imagery of the cosmos, too. It could maybe have been tightened up by, say, 10%, but if I can't praise it to the heavens, that's at least the worst of my complaints. Worth seeing, and probably worth seeing in the theater to get the full effect.

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