Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Jerry's back, yay!

Just a little catch-up from a long weekend of indolence.

Perlick stayed with us Friday night, which gave me the impetus to clean up the library so I could put the air mattress there. We had a nice Indian dinner and lots of chat. And then there was some Slayerfest on Saturday evening, and Jason & Gideon's housewarming yesterday evening. Replaying KOTOR with the intent of actually finishing it this time.

A lot of my words lately have been going to working on a Star Wars RPG campaign, and I would probably talk about that except that all of the players are on LJ. And I don't want to disspate my momentum by talking about it too much. But I have a homebrew system that I'm liking, and I may natter about that at some point.

I also spent several days last week working on an explanation, with diagrams, about why this bug I found in some code is a bug, and why Colleague is mathematically wrong to think of it as anything else. I should probably try to finish that off and actually, y'know, SEND it sometime soon...

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