Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


We bought a new chair!

It is round and it swivels and makes you feel like saying "Make it so, Number One!"

I had some money from the tax return, and we decided that better seating arrangements for the living room would be a nice thing to have, so we wandered around American Furniture Warehouse one evening back before Jerry left on his trip and shopped for couches.

(Aside: we're now basically down to one income in our household, because Greg's work hasn't had any billable projects for the last two weeks, so he's regarding himself as unemployed and has started looking. On examination of the financial situation, I concluded that despite that, we could still go ahead and get a new piece of furniture, since we had the money on hand and the basic problem is not one of liquidity, but making sure that outgo does not exceed income. Observe how I am managing not to freak out about money, even though I really really want to.)

Anyway, we found a couple we liked (plus the roundy chair), and last weekend we talked it over and moved things around a little bit and concluded that actually, replacing the couch with a different couch would maybe not be as good as adding another place to sit, and if we move the couch up against the wall, the chair would fit right there...

So on Sunday I went and bought a chair instead of a couch.

(This was more of an adventure than you might expect, because AFW is HYOOOGE and they rearrange things a lot and you can get kinda turned around in there, so finding the thing you found last time to be sure you're buying the right thing is non-trivial.)

Last night Joe loaned us his time and his truck to go pick it up in exchange for a beer and a couple games of Dominion, which is a what I call win-win. Yay Joe!

And the cats had a very large cardboard fort to play in for the evening.

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