Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Three things make a post

The pool is open for the season, but this evening it was too cool to go swimming. We finished Disc 1 of Fringe Season 2 instead. I love this show!

I've taken to reading discussion reviews on my lunch hour of shows I've been watching. Most of them are Onion A.V. club blogs, but I'm also greatly enjoying Mark Watches Avatar.

At work I'm working on a fixed version of a function that I have now thoroughly proven has a bug in it. Sadly, my code is interpreted, and therefore considerably slower than compiled version, but I think if somebody can convert it to compiled code, it will be not only better than the existing buggy code, but quite a bit faster. Today I believe I managed to remove the last of the stupid from my code, so now I just need to code up the test cases that demonstrate (I hope) its superiority.

Time seems to be unfolding quickly of late.

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