Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Van Gogh

So last night Jerry and I watched the episode of Doctor Who that has Vincent van Gogh in it. (I was feeling emo yesterday, so we watched TV for comfort and managed to get the episode of Glee where Kurt and his father have some really heartfelt scenes, and then that episode of Doctor Who, so... yeah.)

Anyway, it's a gorgeous and heartbreaking episode that has basically nothing at all to do with the tangent I'm about to go on here except the idea that van Gogh could see things that others couldn't. I was looking at his wikipedia page, and especially in his later works, there are these swirling brushstrokes in the background that suggest a curling movement of the air itself, and looking at some of the paintings of cypresses, I thought, my, isn't that Lovecraftian.

Imagine that his unique artistic style, especially in his later works, reflected an ability to literally see things that were invisible to normal sight. Maybe his terrible madness was caused by seeing Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, his drinking and substance abuse an attempt to blot out visions of eldritch horrors. And his death by self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest... well. Maybe he wasn't aiming at himself, but at Something Else. Something... within.

If anybody needs a Call of Cthulhu plot seed, there ya go...

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