Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

So the minivan broke down while Greg & Robb were out running errands on Friday. We thought initially it was the serpentine belt, but no, turns out it's the timing belt. Oh, joy.

The mechanic is currently working on figuring out whether it's fixable to the tune of about a thousand bucks, or whether there's engine damage, in which case it would be several thousand bucks to fix and we'll be shopping for a new vehicle instead. Interestingly, I felt a lot less irritable yesterday after finding out it was going to cost a lot of money regardless than I was when I was still waiting for them to call.

We finished up Jeff's Eberron campaign on Saturday with a suitably epic final confrontation. The details would probably just confuse you unless you'd been there for the whole thing, but I have to give our GM kudos for having it be, for once, the right thing to do to destroy the magic crystal of plot and release the ancient uber-demon trapped inside (because all the dragons circling overhead promptly kicked its ass and re-bound it better).

I visited with Sarah a week ago Saturday, and she told an anecdote about a coworker who was excited about finding a colleague to go on leisurely bike-rides with. And then the first time they got together, the colleague was all, "Great! Our group is doing sprints up Flagstaff Mountain today." Which is to say, especially with outdoor activities here in Colorado, there's a tendency for people to become unexpectedly and freakishly hardcore about their hobbies.

And then on Thursday it was Games Night at Chris's. And... yeah. I do think that, as a group, we generally do a good job of being open and welcoming to the non-hardcore; it's not a requirement to join in. Butwhen you get a table full of regulars, we tend to go at it pretty fast. After a game of Rune Wars (a new title), Bryan and Joe and I banged out a quick(!) game of Race for the Galaxy before it was time to go home. I'm happy to report that playing the computer version of RftG has not actually ruined it for me, I think in large part because the tabletop version doesn't have auto-calculated scores to tell you that you're not going to win it when you're only at the halfway mark.

We have a check-in meeting at work on Thursday, and I am going to have to do some review to come up with a list of what I've been doing lately. Because even though there were a Lot of Things, I can't for the life of me bring them to mind...
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