Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


I am going to a heavy metal concert tonight.

Yes. 4 srs.

There are five bands, two of which (Blackguard and The Absence) I'm skipping. The headliners (Evergrey) aren't bad; I may stay for some of their set.

But mostly I'm going to see Sabaton and PowerGlove.

Sabaton is a melodic Swedish heavy metal band that sings about military history. Which is... not really something I would expect to like, based the description, but a lot their songs are really catchy.

And I like them enough that when I saw they'd be playing the Bluebird, I thought I'd google the other bands and see if any of them were listenable. And, y'know. One's not bad, two I'm totally uninterested in. And then there's PowerGlove.

PowerGlove plays speed metal covers of '80s videogame and Saturday morning cartoon theme songs.

And listening to them play the Transformers theme song, I decided that anything that put that big an involuntary grin on my face was something I needed to indulge in.

So I have my black t-shirt and my biker boots on, and my earplugs in my pocket, and in a few minutes here, I'm going to head out to an event that I have no business being at, where I fully intend to rock my 39-year-old ass off in an entirely age-inappropriate manner.

Yuss. \mm/

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