Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Notes from a show

Small venues RULE. I was easily able to get about 5 feet from the front center edge of the stage, and could have gotten closer if I wanted to be pushy.

The eye candy quotient was not bad at all; particuarly one stage hand.

"At the end of the night, remember who threw candy for you!" PowerGlove, that's who. I got starburst.

PowerGlove wears Koopa-themed armor. The lead guitarist was also wearing an Elton John t-shirt.

Their setlist: themes from X-Men, Mortal Kombat, Sonic ("So Sexy Robotnik"), Batman, Pokemon, and, of course, Mario Brothers. Maybe one or two others in there. Probably not in that order, except for the first and last songs.

When they play Mortal Kombat, they throw inflatable swords and hammers into the crowd and demand that people fight.

PowerGlove was just delightful. All ways around.

The audience was small but enthusiastic. I think fully half the crowd was there primarily for Sabaton.

After the first song, the lead singer of Sabaton, Joakim Broden, said "I'm winded already! I thought we were vikings, but you motherfuckers are crazy!" Oh, right. No oxygen up here for visitors, sorry!

The keyboardist for Sabaton looks remarkably like bentwright.

The stage was very small, and the six members of the band kept nearly running into one another. But it was okay, because they were clearly having a very good time.

Joakim will never be a properly brütal front man because he smiles too much. This is perfectly fine. He's kind of adorkable just he way he is.

I want to know how much time he spends stretching before each show, because dang, he spends about half the time dropped down into a deep power stance a couple inches above the floor.

My calves got a good workout pogoing,.

After their set, the band members came out to hang out near their merch table and sign things. I got to shake several hands and tell them thank you, I really enjoyed the show. I told Joakim that he was quite a showman.

And that he should drink more water so he didn't get dehydrated. Because I am a dork like that.

Earplugs are a wonderful invention.

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