Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

8 days

I was going to say "Has it only been a week? It feels like much longer," but then this afternoon I had a sudden attack of sadness, so... yeah. It's been a little more than a week.

We're rearranging. We have a guest room now, and we're moving bookshelves around so they're not all in one room.

The support of our friends has been a tremendous consolation. Went over to Neal & Rhonda's last Sunday for Rock Band, and will do so again tonight. Jerry hung out with Rose for a bit on Tuesday, I think. I visited with Jeff & Alice on Thursday. Friday the Nevilles fed us dinner (some lovely steak) and watched Captain America with us.

"It gets better" is the phrase of the week, and truly, it does. It has already. (There was this cloud of tension that had built up so gradually I didn't consciously notice it until it was gone. Once the other shoe drops, there's nothing left to worry about.)

So... yeah. About like that.

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