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Yesterday: I zipped over to Nick & Jen's on my way to Dad's to drop off the kids' toybox that has been hanging out in the trunk of my car for a week. (Jen had Jerry pick it up so the kids wouldn't know, and then, well, we mostly forgot until we returned their call very late the night before after our I-70 ordeal.) Our excuse was that Santa got confused and dropped it off at our place instead.

Then I went over to Dad's and spent a good chunk of the day there. (Jerry stayed home, since there were going to be far too many people and we agreed that it would be fine for him not to have to cope with idiot-paternal-disapproval this year.) Lots of family. Lord-amighty, there were EIGHTEEN of us there. Oy vey. My new instant-read thermometer was pressed into service for the pork roast and in deep-frying the turkey. My half-sister has a new boyfriend/fiancee; as I told her, he's a nice upgrade over the previous one. They also had a beagle puppy. Youngest brother got an X-Box and KotOR, probably because I discussed the fact that it lets you make morally-meaningful decisions with my stepmother a couple weeks ago. Memo to myself: my siblings are all actually pretty cool. We had Grandma also; she's much more retiring in that context than at home, I think probably because she can't hear when there's lots of background noise.

In the evening, we grabbed bryree and went to Karen and Thomas's for after-Christmas get-away-from-family gathering, and had a very lovely time. Sat around the fire, talked, played Munchkin+Fu, and played Apples to Apples until late enough that it was very funny and we were basically cheating left and right. Laughed a whole bunch. Came home really late.

Today: Got up much earlier than I expected to and helped finish cleaning up the house for Anime Night. We had Glen & Cara, Jerry's coworker Melanie, and saintpookie down from Ft. Collins. Watched a lot of Fruits Basket (I got the boxed set for Xmas -- yaaaaay!), as well as a smattering of Magic Users Club, Haibane Renmei (still not sure what it's about after two episodes), the Excel Saga "Going Way Too Far" episode, and some DDR. We may have hooked Cara on DDR. Had a lovely afternoon and evening all around.

S'pookie showed up early to hang out with us some; we also watched Demon City Shinjuku with him, which I enjoyed-- nothing revolutionary, but a good occult-action anime. (My only complaint is the Jem-pink color of the evil energy fields.)

Anyway, about saintpookie: what a great guy! Greg is very cool and we like him a lot. (Hi Pook!) More soft-spoken than you'd expect from his pictures. I assume that most guys with shaved heads are balding, but this is not the case with him: bald-headed just suits him (and quite well). We're hoping to see more of him, and that his job situation improves, cuz he's swell.

So that's what we got up to this weekend. Hope everyone else's holidays were good, too!

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