Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Roll the dice to see if you can have fun this turn

Games Night!

We played Quicksand, which is quick and which I enjoyed, and then Zombies!!!, which was not quick, and which I did not enjoy.

I wanted to enjoy it. I think it's got a lot of potential, but it has a terrible flaw: you roll 1d6 for movement. Which means about a third of the time, you can't do anything interesting on your turn. I hate.this rule. Hate hate hate it. I can remember playing Clue as a kid, and getting stuck in the hallway for ages, while everyone else was actually getting to play a game because I kept rolling 1s and 2s. It's just a bad game mechanic. (One of the ways in which Mystery of the Abbey becomes "Clue without the suck" is by getting rid of random movement completely.)

In this case, I actually managed to be kind of strategic with tile placement, and then to figure out a nice combo with a couple of cards and the way they interacted with the board layout.. and then was unable to make any of it happen because I rolled a 1 for movement three or four turns in a row. All games have a tension between strategy and luck. I get that. I actually prefer games with some degree of randomness over pure-strategy games. But in this case, I felt like the element of chance actively nullified every bit of strategy I attempted, and it was just massively, massively frustrating.

Afterward, Joe suggested that maybe we needed to roll 2d4 for movement instead of 1d6, and I think that might fix it. But for now, it's on the list of games I will not play. (At least, not without some serious house rules.)

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