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So I went to AGU this last week.

Saturday: I had an early flight, so was up and out of the house ridiculously early. Drove through two inches of snow and very cold weather to the airport, then got off the plane several hours later in sunny warm San Francisco, where it was in the high 50s and clear all week long.

I ditched my big suitcase at the hotel baggage check so that I wouldn't have to lug it about from couch to couch visiting friends. This worked brilliantly, and I feel dumb that it took me this long to realize that such a clever option was available. I had lunch at Tu Lan, then walked over to Patricia's Green and waited on top of the icosahedral climbing dome for Chuck and her boyfriend Teff. Chuck drove me down to Mountain View, where Jofish & Erin hosted a chili dinner. We had Matsakii and Lantzes and a Perlick and various sproglings, and it was yay.

Sunday: Chuck drove me back to Oakland Saturday night and dropped me off at Colin & Jess's. The next morning I got to meet the various critters (two cats, a toddler, and a silken windhound, which if you saw a drawing of you would think was a caricature and not an actual dog) and accompany Jess to the farmer's market. I have serious envy of all the farmer's markets in California. I hope all the Californians appreciate them, because man! So much good stuff. Had a ham-and-cheese crepe from a stand for breakfast. The rest of the morning was pretty low-key. People came over for games in the afternoon and evening. We played 7 Wonders and Zooloretto, and for dinner there beef that Jess had tossed into the sous vide cooker that morning and it was pretty amazing. At the end of the evening, I BARTed myself over to SF and my hotel, the Intercontinental, which is right next to Moscone, and pretty nice. Proximity is a good thing.

Monday: Got my badge in the morning, checked on my poster, and then met up with Christopher theoctothorpe and his friend Tom for brunch at Lori's. We didn't have terribly long, but it was delightful. Christopher went to MIT around the same time I did, and I kinda wish I could retroactively rush him to have lived at tep. Also, I feel like he needs a title. Admiral Octothorpe, perhaps. I think I saw some talks and posters in the afternoon, but my memory is all a blur.

Tuesday: Tuesday was the big day. Busy busy busy. I got going a little bit late, so my plan was to pick up my poster (which was in the morning) and get it hung up, then go grab some breakfast and come back at like 9:30 or 10. But I had to wait in line to pick it up, so it didn't go up until a little after 8, and then people started coming by and asking questions, and there were a whoooole bunch of other posters in the same section I needed to look at, and basically, I didn't get to leave until lunchtime. (And once again proximity rules, because it was really nice to be able to quickly drop by the hotel and change into more comfortable shoes and pants during lunch.) The afternoon was packed with talks, so by the end of the day I mostly just fell over.

Wednesday: Much less hectic. I had a really excellent lunch with Mattie S at a vietnamese restaurant called Tin. The evening was spent at a work meeting up in Union Square, but before then I read Haruki Murakami while eating katsudon at a restaurant named Dojima Ann, so that was pretty good.

Thursday: Finally, finally managed to meet up with my Brazilian colleague and get instructions on how to post-process her data. Yay! That took up most of lunch. Other than that... well, Thursday is the day when you really start punting on all those pre-9 AM talks that you added to your itinerary. But I did randomly run across a really good poster that gave me some good ideas about developing this observational dataset we're working on, which was really cool.

Friday: By Friday morning it was clear that I was developing a cold, so breakfast was sudafed and zinc lozenges. Bleh. I met up with a grad school colleague (Kristy) for coffee, and then had lunch with Quinzee at Instructables, and then met with one of my student assistants, and then did a last round of posters and two final talks and oh god so tired. But then all done!

Jeb 50poundnote picked me up and took me to Hard Knox cafe for dinner. It's southern comfort food, and I had an amazing fried pork chop. We had a really good time and excellent conversation despite me being totally brain-dead by this point, and it was all just very good. Yay again!

Today I have my stuff all packed up and shortly I will go downstairs and check out and loiter in the lobby until Xris shows up and tonight I'll spend at her place and tomorrow I get to go HOME, hooray.

So yeah. About like that.

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