Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Stupid REM Sleep

Dear Brain,

Okay, first, that wasn't either of the DC airports you were thinking of, it was Logan International. Second, Air France flies out of terminal E in Boston, so if we need to find their checkin, we don't run frantically down one labyrinthine hall after another, we go outside and catch the little shuttle bus that goes between terminals. And third, Air France doesn't even fly to Denver, much less domestically in the U.S., so that would not be how we'd fly from D.C. to Boston and then back to D.C. and then home, which is a stupid flight plan even with a two hour stopover in Boston because it would be orders of magnitude cheaper and easier to just call a friend and ask them to box up the milk-crate full of books and mail them to us.

In the future, could we please not have 45 minutes of that same dream over and over? Because it was really annoying. Also, if you could remember that cell phones exist, even when I'm sleeping, it would resolve a great many "dilemmas".

No love,


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